Bitcoin Is On Fire!

Have you heard of Bitcoins? Bitcoin’s is on FIRE

As of today, Bitcoins are at $9960.61! Crazy since they’ve been around for such short period of time! You bet, it is volatile! Totally RISKY, absolutely! But it’s THE lifetime opportunity!

A little about Bitcoins, FYI, cryptocurrency! Bitcoins was born (created) by Satoshi Nakamoto  (fictitious name for a person or group of persons?) in 2008. Satoshi accomplished to create the first blockchain database for digital currency that solved the issue of double-spending, allowing peer-to-peer network, specialized codes and data fields that enabled an electronic transaction without depending on trust.  There are doubts about the real identity of the creator of Bitcoins, was it Satoshi Nakamoto?
You can own Bitcoins by buying them, accepting them as payment, or by mining them. Mining Bitcoins is expensive and not for everyone.
Mining is the lingo for discovering new Bitcoins, just like discovering gold.  Mining is the verification of Bitcoins that have been used in transactions and are required to be verified by miners. Now, this is the work that is put into creating new Bitcoins. Many transactions are gathered in a blockchain (box with a virtual padlock) and miners run software that will locate the key that will open the padlock! The key is located that opens the box verifying the transactions! Ta Daaa! The miner gets rewarded newly generated Bitcoins for locating the key!
One noteworthy transaction was when 10,000 Bitcoins were used to indirectly purchase two pizzas delivered by Papa John’s. The amazing transaction is valued at $100,000,000 as of November 2017.
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