Archangels Whispers Missives By Patricia Angelic Insights By P.T. Macias

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Archangels Whispers By Patricia
Angelic Insights By P.T. Macias

Hello, I’m Patricia, an Earth Angel. I’m on a journey to spiritual awakening, spiritual enlightenment, and sharing God’s messages through the Archangels Whispers missives.

God’s holy light flows through me, to assist you in your awakening. The Archangels will help guide you through love, life, and your journey to Divine life purpose, your destiny.
I receive the messages from the Archangels, as I am a vessel of God. I will share the messages from the Archangels sent by God to be used as a powerful perspective.
We are light, love, and peace. We connect with the angels through our intuition, cards, and the willingness to bring joy and awareness to the world. ♥
I offer private readings, healing, and other services. Please visit my website to learn more about me. Private readings are available. ♥